LONDON TODAY!!!! Yeah! I am so excited! I am not finished packing yet, hahahaha. I just can't decide what to bring. I mean clothes wise. Hmm. Well well, I have a few hours left to decide. The biggest thing that I am worried about is when I get to Wembley tomorrow that they will tell me that my ticket is fake. OMG! I will be crushed if that happens! Nah, I shouldn't think like that. Always keep a positive mind even in negative situations. 'Cause I believe that a positive mind gives a positive life.

This trip is costing me a whole lot more than I was expecting at first. But this is what I love doing. Going to concerts. I am a total fangirl and I have always been one. LOL. Since I will be going to London tonight I won't be blogging tomorrow and on Sunday. But I'll be tweeting and instagram. My twitter is @erikaworld and my instagram is @eriikaworld. You know what? This will be my first time flying alone. I mean like I don't count when I flew to and from US. 'Cause I flew with a friend and when I went to Berlin, that was a school trip so I had friends with me. This time it's just me. LOL. I guess there's a first time for everything.

your writer, Erika


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