Where We Are Tour - Friends Arena: Opening Night

Hi guys. So um the concert last night. BTW, DAFAQ didn't I go tonight?! I have no idea. Somethin I will never understand. Good thing that I have a few friends that went tonight so believe me that of you're one of those friends I will bug you about it tomorrow. I will make you tell me about every freaking second about the whole damn concert! Don't believe me? Just wait until tomorrow! Hahaha. Mohahaha.

Okay. Last night. Okay last night was just simply perfection! I had a great seat! Just awesome! Even 5 Seconds of Summer were awesome! During their show Calum hell to tell the crowd to back like two steps because everyone was pushing so hard to get near the stage.

I got to Friends Arena around at about 15:50. First I just walked around the stadium just to, I don't know check out the scene. OMG, there were these guys who came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy a ticket but I told them that I already had a tickets, 'cause duh! Anyway, then one of the guys asked me which one was my favorite and I just said all of them. Then he asked me if I like him. LOL, I just smiled at him and said of course. LOL. It was a funny moment. Later when I was standing in line at my entrance it started raining. RAINING. Not heavy rain but still, rain. Good thing that they and opened the doors then so I would have to stand in the rain for long. Once I got inside I went to find my seat just so that I knew where it was. ThenI went bought coffee because it was a little chilly. My seat was really near the press section. The press section has these really nice seats (comfortable office chairs), a table and outlets so you could charge your phone (in my case that would be, but I guess for them computers or iPad's or whatever). I sat there until after 5 Seconds of Summer. Or I sat there until a reporter from Expressen came and claimed her seat. BTW that girl wrote a good review of the concert unlike some others *cough* Aftonbladet *cough* we do not like *cough*. LOL, did anyone say something? Hahahaha.

On my way to Friends Arena showing you guys my 1D sweatshirt :)

Because it started to rain :(

I told you it was raining...

Missed you too baby!

WWAT selfie :)

LOL this finish girl left her phone with me because she wanted me to charge it because we have the same charge for our phone. I mean she just left it there and went back to her seat. BTW I did charge it :)

The view from the press section :)

The press section

After that I went to my seat. I remember sitting there feeling like I had to pee but thinking that the concert would start soon. So I was like, this will have to wait until after the concert. But then I was like, nope I am going now. So I went. I got to the toilets, into the booth, put my bag on the hook when I heard the crowd screaming. Then I just ran back to my seat because the concert was starting. LOL.

Look at Liam! He was so fucking sexy last night :)

Niall holding a Swedish flag! Ooooh baby <3 p="">

LOL Harry got covered in that :)

It really looks like there is fire behind the stage!

Niall waving goodbye :(

The concert is over….

and that made me sad :(

60,000 people leaving Friends Arena… looks like a freaking riot!!!

They were just as awesome as always! Liam thanked Stockholm and Sweden so much and he talk about when they first came here bad in 2011 to record Up All Night and there were fans outside the studio. That was so sweet how he talked about that. OMG! Niall said "Vi älskar dig!" and the crowd just went crazy bananas! It was insane. Liam made a comment about it that he had never heard a crowd scream like that. Yeah, I know we swedes are pretty amazing (marry me?!). Yes Harry talked about meatballs. Hihihi. He even made the whole crowd say "Vi älskar köttbullar!" which means we love Swedish meatballs. Hahaha. Awesome, just awesome!

I should have went tonight. I really should have had. The concert was really amazing last night. They way the ended it with Best Song Ever and the fireworks and all was just #perfection! Plus I have got to see them twice on this tour and one of those times was in London. So I am not really unlucky.

your writer, Erika


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