Conor Maynard - R U Crazy (Official Video)

I know that I have posted this music video before but you are crazy if you don't like this song. This is seriously the most underrated song of 2013! It's freaking amazing and so I Conor. Soon I have been a Mayniac for two year. Which is seriously crazy! I mean that I have gotten the chance to meet him within that time. I did not only just meet Conor, I met his girlfriend Victoria, his brother Jack and Jack's friend Abe. Plus Conor follows me on twitter. Jack follows me plus he has RT me and he has liked a few of my pictures on instagram. What is air! Abe has also RT me and liked a few of my pictures on instagram. Plus Victoria has replied to me on twitter. OMG, one of Conor's friends I remember the exact day when I became a Mayniac, the time of day (approximately) and what I was doing/ where I was. Glorious day! LOL. Watch the music video for R U Crazy.

your writer, Erika


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