Hi guys! London calling, well tomorrow. I am kind of nervous and excited at the same time but whatever I'll be fine. I bought a portable charger from Sandstrøm for my phone today. I have wanted one for a while. It's really good when you're at a concert.

Seriously I am sitting here watching the news right now because ether is nothing better on TV. I mean come one. First world problems (I am telling you I could write a book about that topic, my life is a first world problem but to me it's actual problem. Yes I realize that I could actually have it way worse but still. My problems are still valid as problems). I can't wait for Saturday. I am nervous tough. I was nervous when I saw Justin in LA too. Idk just excited, I mean to the point where I am nervous. Like it's all so much at once. Like whoa, slow down a little.

I went to Smaka på Stockholm in Kungsträdgården with my mom today. Smaka på Stockholm is an annual event where restaurants in Stockholm open up tents and people get to taste their food at a cheaper price because it's small portions. They had food trucks this year. Food trucks is kind of new to Stockholm and Sweden for that matter too. So my mom and I tried this food truck called Indian Street Food & co. We both had this Dehli style veggie burger (I think it was. It was something dehli style, something veggie burger, those words were in the name of the burger). It was really delicious! Too bad I don't have time to go back there because the last day of Smaka på Stockholm is on Sunday and I get back on Monday.

your writer, Erika


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