Hi guys! How are you? I am okay I guess. Idk. I am going to London this weekend so that is exciting. I am watching the Lindsay Lohan documentary that she did with Oprah. It's kind of interesting. I know that she has had a lot of troubles in her life but I still believe in her. I think that she is talented. I hope that everything works out for her.

I am sitting here and just watching crap on TV (the Lindsay documentary is over). Listening to good music (Good Kisser by Usher, y'all know that he wrote that song about me LOL) to make the time past until something better comes on TV. Oh, yeah good news!! I have found something to wear for the concert on Saturday. Yeah! Tomorrow I am going to start packing because I mean I have to wash al my clothes (the one's on the laundry basket). I just want to wash all that before I start packing.

Okay, so I said that I would be posting a video of something before I leave for London. Just so that you'll have something. I'll probably won't do that. Hmmm. Sorry guys. I still might but as it looks right now, I will have to say no. Plus I won't be blogging this weekend, Saturday and Sunday because I am not brining my computer with me to London. It's just too much work to do that. I mean why? I will be in London, plus I have better things to do than be in front of my computer. I will of course bring my phone with me so you can always reach me on instagram (eriikaworld), twitter (erikaworld) and facebook. Plus I mean of you know me and have my number you can always reach me that way.

your writer, Erika


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