I got my VS PINK gym bag sold! Yeah! I am so happy. But like, I have the bug now and I get it every time I sell something. You know, that bug to sell more. But I am like what can I sell (I mean that people want)? Like I know a lot of stuff that I can sell and probably get sold but like I don't want to sell those things. My G by Guess boots. Yes, they are kind of uncomfortable if you wear the for a long period of time but they are so gorgeous. Hmmmm. I'll put up more stuff on blocker tomorrow because it's kind of late now (LOL, no it's not because it's not even 9 PM yet). The I still have the computer bag which I am selling for only 100 kr and the original price is 600 kr. Click on the link to get to the add on blocket

You know what, I can't wait for tomorrow! You know why, because it's Thursday and that means "Throwback Thursday" and I am going to post so much from this weekend. I had the best weekend ever. LOL.

your writer, Erika


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