How is everyone? I am okay I guess. A little conflicted but I am conflicted most of the time, so it really doesn't make any difference. Well I guess the difference now is that I am "focusing" (or whatever) on it. Yeah. LOL.

Since I really don't know what to write here I am just going to post two tbt videos from the One Direction concert that I went to last weekend (tomorrow I am at it again).

I just want to say this one thing before I end this post. Like, I feel I have a very clear vision of what I want in life. But that vision get blurry because I see everything so clearly but no matter how far I reach I still can't touch it. I don't know if that makes sense but that's how I feel anyway. Also, I just want to add, it gets blurry because I want many things. I mean like there are specific things that I want, but since it's a list of 10 (20 tops) and I at times I try to reach for them all or don't know which way to reach the view gets a little jagged. Really I could go on and on about this. LOL, believe me, I did but I deleted it because I don't even understand this right now.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. Check out my previous post for Kim Cesarion's new song Can't Love Nobody which is from his debut album Undressed which is released next Wednesday (June 18th). You can pre-order it here https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/undressed/id883506773)


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