Mahomies Go Hard

OMFG! I fucking met Austin Mahone today! It was so crazy. Like last night he tweeted "DO I HAVE ANY SWEDISH MAHOMIES?!?" I was like freaking out! Everyone was freaking out on facebook. Like we thought that he was going to come her in about a month or so and do a show. It was like after midnight and I just sat there waiting for him to tweet something else about when he was coming here. I mean you don't just tweet something like that for no reason, I mean of course he knows that he has fans here. Like don't tease us like that! Anyway, at round 1 AM Swedish time he tweeted "If you're from Sweden meet me at the Arlanda airport in Stockholm TOMORROW!!! I'll be there in the morning :)". Then I freaked out and checked all of the arrivals from London. The first flight was from London was at 10 AM. I was writing about the Cody concert. I was like, that shit will have to wait. LOL I would have finished it this morning if it wasn't for Austin. I went to bed at around 1:30 AM but I probably didn't fall asleep until like after 2 AM and the I set the alarm for 6:30 AM. LOL.

I took an earlier train to Arlanda this morning that I had originally planned. LOL. I will never miss my baby Austin. I met a girl that I met at the Cody Simpson concert. That was really cool. There was quiet a few people waiting for Austin. Around 50 people maybe, but I thought that it was going to be more people. Like I thought that it was going to be packed. Okay so time passed and Austin didn't come so we waited for the next flight which was at 10:40. We waited but he didn't come. Okay so we were at the arrivals at terminal 5 which is where most international flight arrive. But for some reason British Airways have been changed (okay this was lime two years ago but anyway) to terminal 2 and there was a BA flight from London arriving at 11:10. There was a few people who said that we should go there but no one moved from where they were because they were scared of missing Austin. But then a few people talked to this woman who worked at Arlanda and she said that she thought that he was going to arrive at terminal 2 with the BA flight. So then everyone panicked at ran like crazy from terminal 5 to terminal 2. Let me tell you that if you walk like in a normal pace between terminal 5 and 2 it takes about 10 to 15 minutes. We ran that in like 2 minutes. When we (when I say we, I mean like 40 people) were almost there someone behind me screamed and said the he was there. So then the adrenaline kicked in and we ran. OMG when we got there we saw Austin taking a pictures with some fans. His manager saw us then. It was chaos. Because like there were like five people who waited there and got to take pictures with Austin. Then 40 fans came all at once, out of breath I might add. I got to touch his arm. Since people were a little crazy then (everyone followed him) his manger took him straight to the car and basically threw him into it. Everyone banged at the windows and Austin just sat inside like, idk but he didn't even look at us. He might have had been scared. Idk I guess I was like too close to the car because when it started moving I fell a hurt my right foot a little. And then he was gone. just like that. People were so sweet and asked if I was okay when I feel. I was fine, I couldn't walk straight and for a few hours I could even bend my toes, but it's all fine now. It was a little crazy and some people were a little disrespectful. Like they almost jumped him in the escalator down to the garage.

Mahomies waiting for Austin at the arrivals at terminal 5

Then after he had left it was like "okay was that it?". Was that my chance to meet Austin Mahone? I have been a freaking Mahomie since 2012. People were in tears because they didn't even got to take a picture with him and hugged him. A few of us decide to go to Universal (his music label) just to check the scene. The girl that I met today that I also met at the Cody Simpson concert knows someone a Universal so when we got there that woman came outside and said hello to us. Then she was so nice and let us to go to the bathroom there. Sweet. She also said that Austin probably wouldn't come to the office and that he was here to record some music. The everyone was like, hmmm what do we do now. We decided to go to a studio but then changed our minds and decided to go back to the airport because we would probably have a bigger chance to meet him there. One girl had asked his manager and he said that they would only be here for five hours. Then it was only three flights left leaving for Paris (he has a concert in Paris tomorrow). The funny thing was that the first two flight were departing from terminal 5 and the last one from terminal 2. That was Air France. Since Austin didn't take the flight at 4:05 PM (which was SAS and they have first class seats) departing from terminal 5, I was convinced that we would be departing with the last flight, the one from terminal 2. Because the other flight from terminal 5 was a Norwegian and they don't have first class, and I am just assuming that since he's Austin Mahone he's flying first class. We sat there at terminal 5 waiting but the decided to take our chances at terminal 2, it was the last flight. I sat with a few girls but the security check-in at terminal 5. We waited and waited. Idk the after like an hour and half or something some fans just ran toward terminal 5 so I asked them what was going on. One girl seem to be just as clueless as I was. Then they ran the other way towards the Air France check-in desks. Then everyone ran. And there he was. We were like calm, because like we can't just walk up toward him while he's checking in. Then his manager, Mike, saw us and told everyone to stand in one straight line. If we did so everyone would get a picture and if not they would just go straight to the security check-in. Everyone was so calm and nice and listened to Mike. Everyone got a picture. We were like 20 people, so of course everyone got a picture. It was really nice and calm. When it was my turn I handed him my phone so that he could take the picture (selfie style) and he did. He touched my phone. AUSTIN FREAKING MAHONE TOUCHED MY PHONE. I don't think hugged him, maybe I did. Idk but everything happened so fast but I told him that I love him. Then when Austin was at the security check-in everyone was just standing there looking at him. Okay people scream that they loved him, that they wanted him to come back soon and have show. He told us that he loved us back. He waved at us several times. LOL. A security guard who works at Arlanda told us to not take pictures at the security check-in. Then the other guy who was with Austin took out his phone and took pictures of us. LOL.

Austin and I :)

This day was crazy amazing. Like I thought that it was going to be chill that I would be meeting him in the morning and then I could go home and lay on the couch watch TV the rest of the day.

your writer; Erika


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