Bridal Gowns

Hi guys! This morning I was looking at bridal gowns for some reason. LOL. I am nowhere near to getting married but I mean that shouldn't stop a gal from looking at some gowns. I mean when I do get married in the future I'll know what I like. I mean which type of dress. LOL. Right now I am feeling that whole princess gown type with a sweetheart neckline (I want strapless). I thought that I would show some of my favorites from what I was looking at this morning. And of course I was looking at dresses from Kleinfeld. I mean because it's Kleinfeld and they have so much. LOL.

This first dress is a Pnina Tornai. Plus it's my favorite out of the three dresses that I am showing you. I just love the skirt. Like how big it is and just look at all the tulle! It's a fairytale. I mean just look at it!

The second one is a Kenneth Pool. Okay, hmmm. I am chaining my mind. I love them both. Both really beautiful!

Okay this third one, which is a Dennis Basso, is nothing like the first two. It's the most expensive too. Anyway I like the lace sleeves. And just all of that lace. It's gorgeous! All of the dresses are gorgeous.

Which one if your favorite?

your writer, Erika


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