Slave To The Rhythm

You know what? I love going to concerts. The feeling of the sound waves from the loud music hitting your chest. It's just, it's an incredible feeling. You feel invincible for a moment. It's just you and the music. Dancing the troubles away (to be cliché, or just having a good proof of the saying). It's just amazing. And Miley really lived up to that last night. She really gave an amazing performance! She really is the Queen. Queen Miley. All hail Queen Miley. It was really amazing I wish I could go back. It was better then I ever could have imagined.

The whole night was really incredible. Linda and I got to the arena around 5 PM. Of course we couldn't go inside then but I just wanted to be there by 5 PM so that I could by some mercy before the show and so that we would have to wait in line for like forever. LOL. We had seats so we did have to be there so early like some people who had golden circle (the standing crowd closest to the stage) who waited outside for about 56 hours (I think that's how long Marge was in labour with Bart, if I remember correctly). Once we got inside I was like a child at Disney World. I kept shaking Linda by her shoulder because I was so excited. She just looked at me like I need to calm down. LOL, you can't calm down a fangirl, freaking out is what we do best! Anyways once we got to our seats and I saw the stage and everything. I mean It was really going to happen. We were really going to get to see Miley Cyrus! One of my biggest idols.

My outfit :)

During Sky Fierra (who was the opening act) these two girls came up to Linda and I and told them that we were in there seats but we were not. They got really confused and went and tried to find the right seats. Okay wait this was before Sky Fierra came on stage. I will tell this story anyway. Linda and I were in the rights seats, so I don't even know what they were talking about. Our seats was at section B24 row 12 and seats 7 and 8. The other two girls had the exact same seats, only difference was that they had section 23 NOT 24. Walk the other way, and look again your seats will be there. Anyway they came back to us again during Sky Fierra and was like "Hello we're back again and this must be our seats because we can't find any other seats." First, I was like who are you but then once one of the girls said all of that I remembered. I was like no, because no. So they just sat next to us. Anyway so after Sky Fierra I need to charge my phone and Linda wanted to buy something to drink. First, WTF Globen what's with the rare number go outlets? Like it's 2014, catch up! Okay so I went around looking for an outlet for like 10 minutes maybe. Of course everyone was thinking the same things as I so most outlets were already occupied. Hmmm. But I found one eventually. Thank God! But then all of the sudden we heard screaming from inside the venue so we tok our stuff and ran as fast as we could because we thought that the concert and started but it turned to be just some people kicking big balloons of the stage. Hmmm. Anyway the good thing about that was that I found an available outlet near our section (you know because very one ran inside because of the screaming) so i got to charge my phone some more. But then when the screaming started again and it was really time for the concert this time so Linda and I ran back in to our seats. But can you guess what? Who was there? The two girls who claimed that we were in there seats because they couldn't find theirs. So annoying! So tried to tell them but no because they had originally sat next to us but that was of course not their seats to the people who had bought those tickets understandably wanted their seats. So the girls just took our seats. I wanted to tell them but the concert just started and the music was really loud. So I just thought I'd wait for a moment when Miley talks to the crowd so that there isn't a bunch of noise and we can hear each other more clearly. That didn't happen (plus I didn't feel like starting a fight and ruin everyones' night) Linda and I just sat at these empty seats. That whole thing got me in a bad mood. But the about 30 minutes into the concert I saw this guard or whatever helping a few girls to their seats so I ran after him (and Linda after me). (OMG this sound really childish now that I think about it anyway.) We told him about the girls who had taken our seats and we showed him our tickets. So he went (we after him) to our seats. He check the other girls tickets. Of course Linda and I was right all along. It was our seats so the girls had to leave (and I think he helped them find theirs). Linda made a comment about the she thought that they got pissed of at us because he got the guard (basically idc, it's about the principal and that we actually paid for those tickets).

Sky Fierra

From there on the night was amazing! I mean I wasn't annoyed that some girls tried to steal our seats. the funny thing is that when we got back to our seats the song that she sang was #GETITRIGHT! LOL, yeah get it right! I thought that was funny. I don't really know which performance I liked better. Love Money Party was really good! I am not the biggest fan of the song, but that song and that performance was amazing (I feel like I am writing a novel here, I just want to apologize mid-sentence like this for the super long post, I will post pictures just scroll down). Vocally, I don't know maybe Jolene. Because Miley's voice and that song is just genius! But when she flied out on the big hot dog (aka the biggest wiener in Sweden) and it seemed like the show was over, I was like WTF! I mean because it could be over then, she had not sang We Can't Stop, Wrecking Ball or Party In The USA yet. But it wasn't over (though some people left because they thought so), she came bad and sang all of those three songs! Yeah! It was a phenomenal two hour (!) long show! She was so amazing the whole time. Though she cussed a lot which really idk, I just don't do that. Well, at that extreme. It was an amazing night. I'll probably tell you more about it tomorrow when my brain isn't drained from writing so much. Hahaha. have a good night. Sleep tight.

I know who these two girls are :)

your writer, Erika


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