Hi guys how are you? I am still in chock of yesterday. I met Austin Mahone. It's like, he's real. He's taller than me. I mean like American celebrities seem to be kind of short, shorter than me. LOL. But Austin is at least 10 cm taller than me. I am, 171 cm, that what it says in my passport so I am going with that. Hahahaha.

I feel like I have nothing to say right now. LOL. You know what I am going to say this though, for all of those who know me or have ever talked to me. I tend about only one thing, (I mean) one topic. My idols. LOL. I am interested in that stuff. I mean that is why I started Have It Hollywood, which does not exists anymore (I started college in SB and IDK I had too much schoolwork and had long school days so I felt like and to prioritize. Now, well it's very time consuming having a blog like that because, I mean I updated HIH about 20 times a day and you always had to say on top of things. As I said it's time consuming.) because it interests me. Okay, LOL. I started HIH because I saw this thing in (I think) JULIA which is a Swedish tween/ teen magazine about what things to do during summer vacation. One of the things was to start a blog about things that you are interested in. So I did. I had it for about two years and in my opinion it got very successful. I feel like it did that since I was updating about something I cared about so it was very easy for me to do it without it being boring. Plus, seeing the stats go up every month is kind of addictive. I basically knew everything about everything, in showbiz, because I was always on top of everything. Hahahaha. Maybe a little exaggeration. But anyway my point is that that is what I am interested in, so I am going to talk about. LOL. If that was a point at all, I really had no point, just wanted to express something. IDK (what I am talking about).

your writer, Erika


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