Ella Henderson

So today have been fun. LOL. I met Ella Henderson and I had a bigger reaction to meeting her than I thought. I actually started crying. I have no idea why, it was so weird. It's weird because I haven't been like a fan of her for that long. So, like the other day Sony Music Sweden posted on their instagram that Ella was coming to Sweden on Wednesday (which is today), so I immediately freaked out and was like WHAT! Then I thought that it would be cool to meet her because her debut single Ghost is so awesome. I just thought that it would be cool. 

Then Sony wrote that she was just going to be introduced to the Swedish press and that this was not an official appearance. But I decided to take my chance and go to the Sony office and just wait outside there to see if she would show up. I mean like of she was just here to be introduced to the Swedish press I mean like wouldn't they wanna meet her at the office. So anyway. I went there and sat there for hours. I checked her facebook page (because I was bored and thought maybe I could get some more clues to what she was doing here) and it said that she would be coming back to Stockholm in August for the RIX FM Festival (it's like the Capital FM Summertime Ball or like KIIS FM's Wango Tango). I was like great (because it's free) and thought since she's coming back I could just leave because I will get a chance to meet her then. But something inside of me told me no and like then minutes later I saw her arriving at the Sony office but like I didn't want to scream her name because it would have echoed very loudly in the stairwell. 

Once I knew she was there I couldn't just leave (I went outside once just to get some fresh air because I had been inside for a few hours). So I just sat there and waited and waited. Okay maybe not for that long, okay maybe but LOL. Finally she left and I got a chance to meet her and I don't know but I got really overwhelmed so the tears just came. But it was happy tears. She was really sweet. When she saw that I started crying she just went "awwww". IDK I think someone in her crew felt sorry for me because they gave Ella this flyer for her to sign for me. That was really nice. She asked me how I spell my name and I had to think for a second because I was so overwhelmed by meeting her. She was so sweet and she hugged me and I was just crying. OMG I am such a dork but it was really nice. But like if I react act this way by meeting Ella how will I react on Sunday when I meet Cody who I am a much bigger fan of? OMG, that's not going to go well.

I have a weird smile because I was trying not to cry :)

your writer, Erika


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