What To Wear

Hi guys! So you know those concert outfit idea's that I posted yesterday. Yeah, um you can cratch that Cody concert outfit. Hmm. Nah. Not that I didn't like the dress that I want to wear underneath, because lets face it I look smokin' in it. It's just that the whole idea doesn't look so good together as I imagined it would. So instead I am just going to buy a new dress. Hihihi! Works for me. LOL. But I saw this cute romper at H&M this weekend, but I think that idk but, maybe it's to classy for a concert? Idk man. Idk. (Here is the romper http://www.hm.com/se/product/30248?article=30248-B#article=30248-B)

Here are the dresses anyway. What do you think? Which one will look better at a Cody Simpson concert? (Keeping in mind that I have m&g and that I want to look good when I meet him.)

your writer, Erika


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