In a Mood

OMG! WTF! Good thing that I can control my freaking impulses! 'Cause right now I feel like smashing every fucking thing around! Fuck this! What is this shit! Two things.

1) The season finale of TVD. WTF is up with that shit? I mean like seriously? But Damon can't die because he is one of the major characters. The show will slowly die without him. Just preaching the truth here. I mean TVD can't survive without Elena, Damon or Stefan. 'Cause the show revolves around those three characters lives. Isn't The O.C and Two and a Half Men exhibit A and B. The O.C survived one season without Marissa (bad move killing her). Two and a Half Men have been living on borrowed time ever since Charlie Sheen got fired. C'mon, he was the main character! Like what where there thinking there when they decided to keep the show alive without the main character. Idk man, idk what to say here.

2) On The Road Again Tour?! WTF dudes! What the freaking fuck! WTFF?! I am not mad. Like I love them to pieces and that their careers are on fire. I am incredibly proud of them. I know that this is there job. But I also want them to be healthy and alive. Idk but for some reason this touched a nerve. I am of course going to see them next year or whenever they're coming to a city near me. This is also kind of like last year when they announced the Where We Are Tour while they were still touring with the Take Me Home Tour. Idk, I think that it's just that. No hard feelings. Really. I am sorry. Idk. I guess that I am just in a mood because of the TVD season finale and that I really have no life again until September. Hmmm.

I am totally confused about this whole OTRAT, but it basically seems to be WWAT, but with a new name. This is what wikipedia says about OTRAT "The stadium tour will promote the bands third studio album Midnight Memories along with their previous albums Take Me Home and Up All Night." and this is what wikipedia says about the WWAT "It promotes the band's third studio album, Midnight Memories, also announced along with the tour." So phewww! No hard feelings, as I said.

your writer, Erika


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