Dreams Come True

You know what! The one day I wanted to watch Emmerdale it's not on TV because it's Kristihimmelfärd so they're showing a bunch of movies on TV because everyone is home today since there is no school and most people (with a normal job) have the day off swell. Hmmm. I mean Jake from Rixton used to be on that show and the Sweden is like few season behind England. So like I just wanted to see if he is these episodes, 'cause then I would start watching the show. I mean I don't like it but I mean if Jake's on it, then I mean yeah I'll watch it. Hahahaha, LOL.

I can't believe that I am seeing Miley Cyrus tomorrow! I have dreamed about this for the longest time. I have ben aran since I was like 12/13 and now at 21 my dream is finally coming true. I remember when I was around 14 some people in school used to tease me about liking her and the show. They would say: Do you like Hannah Montana? Me: Yes. Them: What, are you like 12? and then they'd laugh. Ooooh, clever. But what the fuck really? Sometimes I used to respond by saying that I started liking her when I was 12. Like, what's the big deal anyway, we're the same age… so? But I guess since it's a Disney Channel show it was considered childish even for a 14 year old. Stupid little boys.

Oh, I just want to say (I mean to tweet it out earlier) that my monologue will be up on Sunday and that I won't post a monologue next weekend since I am going to London next Friday and won't be back until early Monday morning. Instead I will be posting a funny video with like bloopers and me doing random shit. I have a bunch of videos in my photo booth of me doing stuff. Idk, like fingerling over One Direction and stuff like that. I probably have old videos from SB. I'll probably post that video before Friday since I am leaving on Friday. Though my flight is late at night, kind of. More details about that next week.

your writer, Erika


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