LOL! This morning I asked TV4 when they will release the list of the artist that will performing on Sommarkryseet this summer. I asked them on both twitter and facebook. They have still not answered me so I decided to do a little light spamming on facebook and just copy and paste the message to them so that they will se that they have a bunch of message so that they will answer me (because this shit is important!). Anyway, then I went on twitter and saw that they and answered me. LOL. Oooops! My bad. It wasn't a real answer, they just said that they were going to ask the producer of the show and when they have an answer they will get back to me. Hmmm. If they haven't got back to me on Monday, I am mailing Baluba because they are the one's producing the show. But not from my real e-mail address. I just use one that I don't use as much because. Idk, but still. LOL.

I bought that dress that I was talking about yesterday. Too bad I can't wear it yet. I mean it's too cold outside plus it will just be uglay. LOL. Here is a picture of the dress.

your writer, Erika


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