Portkod 1321

Hi I am back. That I have been gone or anything. Anyways, you know you love me. Okay so I will post my monologue on Monday. Hmm. I had chose one from Easy A but I just watched the movie and that is not really how it goes. Hmm. But I did found another monologue that I liked. It's by Brandon. It was just like really sweet. So maybe I'll just watch that scene tomorrow and write it down and just memorize it. Yeah. If you have any fast suggestions, just comment, tweet or whatever.

Anyways. Yeah, yeah. Life is good. Whateves. LOL. Okay, so do you remember me telling you guys last night that I had some awesome news? I might nit have had said awesome. I do remember saying that I had some pretty cool things lined up for the summer (maybe not those exact words but something along that alley). Okay. So I told you last weekend that I went to a casting for this web series called Portkod 1321. It was only a casting for extras but still. Anyway, I got a port as an extra. So I will be shooting on Tuesday and then again the 27th. Cool, huh?! I mean, the cool part is that I actually got something that I auditioned for. Because the reality is that I hate auditions/ castings, because I always feel so awkward but I do like acting. So I just have to suffer through that part to get any acting jobs. Life, I guess.

your writer, Erika


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