Beautiful Day

Hi guys. What's up? I am good! The weather have been amazing today. Like really fabulous! Ooo! I wore this red dress today and I got like a ton of compliments for it. I was not expecting it. It was really weird but also really nice to hear. Thank you. That got me thinking that maybe I should wear the dress to the Cody Simpson concert. All I know about the Cody Simpson concert outfit is that I want to wear converse and a flower wreath, that is pretty much it.

I forgot to tell you this yesterday but will be posting my monologue on youtube tomorrow. Exactly when, idk but just follow me and twitter @erikaworld and subscribe to my youtube channel (onenineninethree) and you won't miss a thing. I don't want to tell you just yet where my monologue is from, I want it to be a surprise right until I post the video on youtube.

your writer, Erika


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