Carry You Home

Hi guys. How are you? I am good and sorry by the way that I didn't blog last night but I wasn't feeling very well. But I am all better now. Which is awesome since tomorrow is that first day or my first day as an extra in season 2 of Portkod 1321. I wonder if I will recognize anyone from the casting. I talked to a few people there. It's always nice with a familiar face. LOL.

I asked in both SB and SWD if they have ever watched Portkod 1321 and apparently a bunch of them had. Am I the only one who had never heard about the show until the casting? LOL. One person guess that I was going to be on the show. I am not really on the show though, I am just an extra, just someone in the background. Maybe some day. Maybe.

Everyone reading this needs to buy Zara Larsson's new single Carry You Home from iTunes It is really good and Zara has an amazing voice! I tweeted a screen print from my phone of Carry You Home and Zara RT it! That is really cool. Just because she RT me a bunch of people favorited the tweet. Don't touch me I feel famous! LOL.

your writer, Erika


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