The Acoustic Sessions

Omg, hi guys. I don't know what to write today. So I'll just keep typing and see what my brain can create. Have you watched my new monologue yet? Click on the link ( to watch the monologue and the please subscribe to my channel. Love you all. Mwah! Hahaha.

So the tour dates for Cody Simpson's The Acoustics Sessions European Tour have been announced! Finally! I have been waiting for this for like over a week now. LOL but I have and the wait has been agonizing! Anyway he comes here on June 22nd and he will be playing at Fryshuset in Stockholm. But I am a little confused about the whole tour because Cody said that there was going to be M&G and VIP to all the shows plus it says so in the video that he posted on instagram yesterday. Yeah but live nation seem to know nothing about any M&G's or VIP. WTF?! Hmm. Well, the tickets go on sale on Friday so I will know then but like I want to know. I want M&G, I mean if it does't cost too much but I don't think so because the regular tickets only costs 240 kr. Which is pretty much equivalent to nothing.

your writer, Erika


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