Hi guys! Waddup? I am good. I haven't done much today. Oh, yeah I had to buy a new lighting cable (AGAIN!!!). Seriously, you have the get a now one of those at least twice a year. First world problem, I know I know, but it's annoying. 'Cause you'd think that they would last longer than that. They should Apple, Apple they should. Mmmhmmm. Just saying. Mmmhmmm.

Tomorrow I have a busy day. LOL. No it's just that I get another chance to be an extra in that show Portkod something. (I am not being, ignorant or anything by calling the show "Portkod" since the first season was called Portkod 1321 it's just that it's a new season so the it's a different number that I don't remember at the moment.) It will be fun because we are shooting some fun scenes plus this location is inside and not in outside like last time. It was a little bit cold so when we had a break I went to Wayne's and bought a coffee but then I got too hot. LOL. First world problem (I feel like I could write a book about first world problems).

Miley on Friday. I am so excited. How cool would it be if I got to meet Miley? I have entered a few of those things but I don't think I am that lucky. I'll probably have better luck if I "observe" her (*wink* if you know what I mean *wink*).

your writer, Erika


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