Hi guys! What are you all doing tonight? I am watching Eurovision Song Contest. It is kind of mandatory. You know. Oh, I remember last year when Nathan Sykes from The Wanted tweeted about every country's performance. He didn't tweet about Sweden though. Anyway, good luck to Sanna tonight! I hope that she wins, aka that Sweden wins.

You wanna know something cool? You know that video that I posted of Cody singing an acoustic version of Surfboard at Perez Hilton's house. Anyway, I tweeted a link of that post and Cody's friend Khari in the video favorited it! OMG! I mean like how did he find me?! I thought that it was really cool that he favorited it. Hihihi. If you're a fan of Cody you probably know that he is coming to Europe with his Acoustic Sessions Tour. Obviously, being a mega Cody fan I got a ticket to go see him. Not just a ticket, I have M&G. Yeah! I usually never buy M&G because they cost so much but these M&G weren't that expensive so I was not going to let that opportunity go. I am going to freaking meet Cody Simpson! How crazy is that! Aaaah!

your writer, Erika


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