It's a Joke

Hi guys. Today wasn't bad at all. I mean in the sense of me being nervous last night, otherwise idk. It was just a typical tv shoot. Things took time. But the annoying thing was just that the first scene that we shot was just walking up this hill and like after every take they said that it was great and that we just and to do it one more time. It wasn't just ONE MORE TIME. It was just an annoying situation. But all in all I am not complaining it was fun and I know thing take time. The annoying thing wasn't that they said one more the it was more walking up and down that hill. If it would have been just a regular flat straight line that we would have had to walk in I wouldn't have been annoyed. Idk, it's just me. It was fun! It really was. The last scene that we shot was really fun because then the sun had come out so it was warmer and we got to sit down. LOL. (Yeah, I am really selling this, am I? :p )

Hmmm. Tomorrow, my schedule is completely empty. Or not 'cause apparently Isac Elliot is in town. LOL. I know where he is, because he told the world on instagram. LOL. See if I am up for that. I am not exactly 1D crazy about him. He has some cool songs. He has a signing on Friday anyway so, um yeah. LOL. I wanna go and see Zac Efron's new movie Bad Neighbors. Anyone else? I mean anyone who wants to go with me? Someone I know? LOL.

your writer, Erika


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