Mrs. Actress

Hi guys! My monologue is up on youtube! Have you seen it yet? I posted the link in the description box to the scene in the movie where the monologue is taken from. Okay yeah I know, it's not actually like that in the movie. Some people say some things in between but idk, I think it works like this. I mean, I am the director of my own monologues. LOL. But please let me know what you think!

OMG, you know what! I hate watching other people monologues because I always think that they are better then me. I always get like super critical of myself and start think like "WTF am I doing?" IDK, but I guess that it's good to be self critical. To an extent, I mean it can't sound's make you feel sad to depressed. Just make you reconsider things, see it from a different perspective. Like learn from it, you know. Hahahaha. I hope that I am good enough and maybe some day can make it as an actress or at least in some way work in showbiz. Never say never, you know.

I watched Vikingshill earlier. I had nothing better to do so, um yeah. LOL. I watch the first two episode. I really have no need to see the other six episodes because I found myself in the background in the second episode. Yeah, I took screen shots. You know me right, always delighted to share. Ha. Hahahaha. You can watch the episode here and I will pop up in the background at around 6:18. LOL. (BTW, in case you can't spot me, I am to the right wearing the beige jacket and a with scarf with a matching hat.)

your writer, Erika


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