A Little Mishap

Hi guys! I hope that you all are good! I am good. I had a little mishap the other day. No not really, BUUUUT I could have had. On Monday night I was super convinced that I started at 4:45 PM the next day. I was super convinced about. Then, as I always do, I checked my schedule right before I went to bed (which was at around 12:30 AM) and saw it said 9:45 AM. I thought it was a joke since I was super convinced that I started later in the afternoon, but nope. Not that it was like a super big deal but it just meant that I had to get up earlier and if I know before hand I wouldn't have stayed as late. I would have made sure that I got get my eight hours. Eh, well well. No damage done. So no reason to stress about to. Today I KNOW that I start at 4:45 PM. LOL, so I won't be late. But tomorrow is a long day (but I have gotten used to it).

your writer, Erika


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