Sunday Funday

Hi guys! Today has truly been the definition of Sunday Sunday! Amen! I went to brunch with my gal pal Patricia. we went to Strandvägen 1. I always pass that place on my way to work and it look so lovely. I mentioned it to Patricia and she decided that we should go, so we went. LOL, I am still almost full from the food. OMG! But it was so good. We both ordered a roasted chicken with fries. I just ordered it because I wanted fries. I could have just taken the fries with dip. It was a lot of chicken, and could not eat it all. I had a lovely time with Patricia.

We sat outside because the weather was nice. It started getting too nice, or at least my friend thought so because she started leaning towards the shadow. LOL. I got like nasty tan lines. Maybe not nasty but I've got tan lines on my left side of the body because the sun was shining on that side.

My beautiful friend Patricia :)

Amazing view from the restaurant :)

While we were sitting there I saw someone. Someone famous so I freaked out because I couldn't figure out who it was. I thought that it was Zlatan because the person look like Zlatan. Now, a few minutes ago when I checked instagram I saw the a woman who was there the same time as us met Alesso there so maybe it was Alesso. I am kind of not sure now. The I remember this "Zlatan" person walked pass the restaurant kind of just when we got there and I think I saw Alesso there a later. Not the I knew it was Alesso but from the picture of Alesso on instagram I know that I saw someone who looked like that.

After Patricia and I parted I went to Aquaria because I didn't feel like going home just yet and she didn't want to go there. I get in there for free because I work at Grönan and they're owned by the same company. It was okay. I just remember it being a whole lot more. Or maybe that is because I haven't been there since I was a kid. When you're younger you experience things at a bigger level. Maybe it's that.

This city is too damn beautiful! Just look at this gorgeous view from Aquaria!

A cute little seahorse :)

Another little seahorse :)

your writer, Erika


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