A Lil Shopping Spree

Today was one of those day where I was like I don't want to stay home all day but I have stuff to do at home. Some stuff that I should get to, ya know. But I didn't feel like staying at home all day. Plus I needed to go grocery shopping because a girls' gotta eat. So I figured that I could just go to Sollentuna Centrum just to feel like I have done something today. So I went. plus I figured that i could look at some lingerie because I want some new fine as sexy ones. Yeah. They have Twilfit and Lindex which both have quite nice underwear. So I thought that I would be safe walking into H&M because even though I LOVE (I cannot emphasise how much I love H&M) H&M I kind of do not like their lingerie. Then I found this amazing korsett and I was like if it looks good on me I am buying it. Then I was like I can't just buy the korsett I need some matching panties. I did. I would show you guys a picture but I think that a woman underwear is a very private thing and are for her eyes only ot whoever she chooses to share them with. I am going to share them with you.

your writer, Erika


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