A Segregated World

Oh, hi guys! How are you doing today? I am fine. I haven't done much. Been to a meeting and ran some errands. Oh, I cleaned the apartment. I had to go a little bit McGyver but I am not going to bore you with that story.

I don't think that I have told you this but I am actually an extra in a new Swedish show called En delad värld (A Segregated World) that airs on SVTPlay (so you can only watch it on the internet). I am in a few episodes. I don't remember how many because the show was shot a couple of months ago. Before Christmas, even before December if I remember correctly. But, three episodes maybe. Eh anyway. If anyone sees me on that show again I'll blog about it. LOL, 'cause that is exactly how I found out that I was in the latest episode (aka episode five). Anyway, here are a couple of screen shots and a few pictures from set that day.

Lina Dawood and I. Check her out on instagram @dawoodlina :)

your writer, Erika


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