Me & My Stuffy Nose

Hi guys! How are you? (Aw, I am always so polite by asking you that, don't you think.) What have you done this weekend? Though I haven't really done much because I have been sick. Okay maybe not really sick. I am recovering from a cold and I have this stuffy nose that just won't give in. But it is starting to get better now. This morning I had enough of this stuff so I googled. And my googling led me to this article on Dr. Oz's website. It listed a few remedies for a stuffy nose and one of them was to mix a few tables spoons of salt with sterilised water. I did that and I feel like it's getting way better. I still have a lot of snot up my nose, but I can breath now and that it what it's important.


your writer, Erika


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