Stealing Her Style

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I am good except for the fact that I am still a little sick. I was sick last week on my birthday and then it got a little worse, but just for like a day. Then it got better and then this Monday (aka two days ago) I started feeling worse again. I just have a cold though so it's nothing too bad. I just feel warm and my nose is stuffy. Still though this is not comfortable and fun.

I was actually thinking about showing you guys my Ariana Grande outfit. I mean the outfit that I am trying to copy. But I think I'll wait with that until I'll have everything that I need for the outfit. So that I can blog about the whole outfit and where I bought my stuff. Mohahaha, I am so excited about this outfit! I am just hoping that It won't be too cold to wear it. It's gonna be May (LOL). Yeah but the concert is at the end of next month and there is still a slight chance that it might be a little too cold for this outfit. But I am going to have to rock it since I bought all of this stuff, simply just because of this concert. Unless it's snowing and it's ice everywhere. I mean I can't where heels then. I will fall over on my but. Oh, no!

your writer, Erika


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