Party Trick

Hello my little readers! How are you this Easter? I am good anyway. I am watching this movie on TV. The story take place in som southern state and idk but there accounts has me think that I need to start practicing accents again. I used to practice my British accent for one hour every day. Now I think that it is okay. I mean in my ears it sounds British but I also think that my normal English speaking voice sounds American and Americans don't seems to thinks so. None Americans do. Okay, it was a while since I asked anyone or anyone commented on that but still. I mean if I really want to be an actress someday it would be nice to know some accents. It's a good talent to have. Also if the acting thing would never work out or I would choose to do/ end up doing something else it would be a nice party trick. Maybe I should practice my swedish english accent. I want to be able to do that, sound like a real swede when I speak english.

your writer, Erika


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