Pump It Up

Hi guys! Hope that none of you all have a cold. I do, but that salt-water-mix is working. Actually way better than nasal sprays that you get at the pharmacy. Those usually clear up my nose my not this time and thankfully this thing worked! Thank you Dr. Oz!

I am kind of annoyed because I am trying to find the perfect pumps for my Ariana Grande and I did find them. But unfortunately Zalando did not carry them in my size, so I signed for them to email me when they do get my size back in stock. Which they did, but I checked the site like a day or two later and then they were out of stock again. So I signed up again for them to notify me when they do get them back in stock. This morning I got one of those emails, I check the website AND GUESS FUCKING WHAAAT? They're out of stock again! LIKE ARE THEY FUCKING KIDDING ME? OMG so annoyed! But now I have found a pair for shoes on Amazon but like the problem is that I am not sure if they'll get here in time. I mean tomorrow it is one month left until the concert. Iiiiip! I am so excited that I am finally going to get to see her but like the pumps. I NEED THE PUMPS FOR MY OUTFIT! (First world problem I know but still... I need them.)


your writer, Erika


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