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Yo! Whata cracka lacka lackin?! Y'all (I thought that would right in there). Have you read my "Wedding Special" post yet? I have posted on yesterday, Wedding Special: The Dress, and today, Wedding Special: The Bridesmaid Dress. I hope that this is helpful for anyone out there or that it is at least a bit interesting. For me it is just so much fun to write about. I love weddings and TV shows about weddings. Plus y'all know that I like fashion and clothes. It is in my genes since I am a girl.

I am still selling these bags on blocket. The pink tote is from Victoria's Secret. The bag in the middle is a gym bag. The bag to the right is just a big bag that I have used as a beach tote. It is absolutely perfect for the beach. If no one wants to buy the VS bag I am going to keep it and use it as a beach tote nice it is a perfect size for that.

You follow me on instagram, right? You should! I have 29 followers and will you be my 30th? I'll give a shout out to the 30th person who follows me! Come on that is something that you don't want to miss. As soon as I see that I have 30 followers, I will give a shout out to the 30th. Okay, so yeah. My instagram is eriikaworld. So what are you waiting for?! Follow me now! You have nothing to loose. Really don't. LOL.

your writer, Erika


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