OMG! This kid is on fire! Damn! He's hot. Everyone better vote for him and his amazing song in the next weeks finale so that will go through to the big European finale. Then Sweden will have won Eurovision Song Contest two years in a row. Hahaha. Is it only me or does look a little bit like Eric Saade? Hmm. I think so. Plus they're both smokin'!

ESC (abbreviation for Eurovision Song Contest) is huge in Sweden. We have have semifinals and than a big finale with two winners from each semifinal. Everyone get really hyped about. Whether they like Melodifestivalen (as it is called in Sweden, the Swedish semifinals) or not. Everyone has an opinion about it. It is fun to watch. Kinda like watching the auditions for Idol except that these contestant are supposed to be professionals so you wonder who was smoking when they said "That guy in diapers! Sean Banan, yes! Let put him into the one of the semifinals. By the way, I am craving a banana." Who are these so called "pros"? Hmmm. It makes me wonder. LOL. It's fun. Last year Loreen won the big European finale for Sweden with Euphoria. Just because a swedish artist won the European finale is going to be in Sweden. Malmö of all cities. Yuck! Stockholm would be a better city. Much bigger. So to me it is the obvious choice. I mean much more place for all the tourists. Pus we have Friends Arena now.

your writer, Erika


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