Hello (MSFTS)

Hello, my name is Erika and I am young girl from Sweden. Yo, yo enough making Jaden's Hello into my own. Hahaha, bad right? I know. I love that song. The whole mixtape is amazing. Hello, Pumped Up Kicks and Underwater - Too Much are my three favorite songs. That kid got some serious skills. Will and Jada even Trey and Willow got to be super proud of him! I mean damn. I have heard somewhere that he speaks five languages. Five! I speak two and some words/ phrases in a lot of other languages but I don't count that as a language that I know since I wouldn't be able to have conversation in those languages. Hmmmm, I wonder if swedish is one of the languages that he speaks since they (Will and Jada) have a home in Stockholm. I've heard it's on Östermalm, which would be very understandable. OMG! You can't forget about MSFTS. Check it out!

Hello music video

So today I decided to wear my new clothes, the green pants and the white top. Super cute. I look royal don't think, totally spring fresh. Hahaha. Follow me on instagram so you don't miss anything. Follow me @eriikaworld.

your writer, Erika


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