Model Girl

Ciao! You know the amazing news that I got on Monday that I kind of half told you about. Well, I can tell you now what it is. I could on Monday too but I wanted to wait until I got some more details. Okay. I am going to walk in Sollentuna Centrum's fashion show on March 23rd. There are three shows at 12 PM, 2 PM and 4 PM if you want to come and watch. I have never done anything like this before so I am really excited.

It was an open casting for the fashion show so when I first saw it I thought "Okay, I might actually have a shot then." and yeah apparently I did. I wasn't really planning on going to the casting and then I just forgot about it. The same day of the casting I went to Sollentuna Centrum and saw a sign about the casting and thought "Oh, crap! That's today! Damn.". I mean I wasn't dress properly. To a model casting you should wear no make up. Your hair should be not to styled, just simple.You should wear something formfitting like jeans and a wife beater and heels if you're a girl. I know it was an open casting call and then I've heard that the standards aren't that high on how you look but anyway. Hehe, I am looking forward to it and I'll think that it will be fun.

your writer, Erika


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