The Weekend

Hi guys. Oh my god it's really late. Hahaha not that late but it's after 11 pm. Yeah but it's Friday and that means that it's WEEKEND!

Tonight I had dinner with Annika and Kaj since my mom away for a few days. It was really nice. Annika had cooked salmon with some baked root crops. Yum! Especially that salmon part. I was like yes fish! My mom and I don't eat fish that often. Hmm, don't know why. I'll have to bug her the next time that we go grocery shopping. I kind of control that list and mom just pays for it. No, it's not that I write down just anything. It's that maybe I have more a sense of what we have. I don't know, I kind of was like that before I went to the US. Hmmm. Now, I have just trying to give up on being a control freak. It's to much work and exhausting. I try to have a more "whatever" type of attitude.

Oh mi gosh! I watched the Up All Night: The Live Tour blu-ray that I got at the 1D World Stockholm store. I was just sitting there eating my (expensive) candy and fangirling! Ah, just a fun time! LOL! I have seen the concert before. It's the same one that they did for the iTunes Festival last fall. Loved it! OMG! I remember watching it and think that Europe is so much better and that America just sucks. I had those moments from time to time. What meant with that Europe is way better is that I just missed home and I felt that I wanted to go back to London (the iTunes Festival was held in London). For some reason that translated into America sucks. Okay, maybe I am getting this all mixed up. I am think of the Conor Maynard and JLS night. I probably thought something similar when I watched 1D. At that time I had just fallen real fangirl hard for Conor (like damn you have no idea!) and that's kind of why I wanted to be in London. To see him perform and LOL. Yeah.

Hmmm. I am think that I should end this post and go to sleep. Hahah. I have homework to do in the morning. Hmmm. I don't want to but I'll have to. Plus I have to feed the fishes before I got to bed. God night my luvies and sleep tight. Oh, don't forget to vote for Anton Ewald in tomorrow night's finale of Melodifestivalen. The number is 099-202 04 or if you prefer to text then text 04 to 722 11. Have a great weekend y'all! Mwah!

your writer, erika


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