Easter Funday

Woop, woop! What's up? Hahaha. Easter Sunday, what did you guys do? How did you celebrate it? I celebrated Easter yesterday with mom. In Sweden people celebrate Easter on Saturday. Anyway since I celebrated it yesterday with my mom. There were no typical easter celebration today. I had lunch with my mom in Sollentuna Centrum. We went there because my mom wanted to buy a birthday present for her friends son who turns one today. Happy birthday Zacharias, cutie pie! Also I wanted to buy a new screen protector for my phone. I got this copter screen protector that is (according to the box) created by the U.S Army. I don't care about that, what I care about is that it protects the screen on my iPhone. It also says on the box that it has a lifetime warranty. Copter ™ Screenprotector you'll be hearing from me if my phone gets damaged. Anyway, I can't use my phone for 12 hours because the screen protector has to dry. You can dry it with a blowdryer but I don't want to overheat my phone.

As the ego tripped person I am I took a bunch of pictures of my outfit this morning. I did it every morning for the simple reason that it is fun. No, I am not ego tripped person it is just a bad kind of joke that you only get if you are me. So, I guess mohahahaha. LOL. I chose the four best picture for you.

your writer, Erika


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