Hello my darlings! It's Saturday, what's up? I just came home from a little shopping spree and now I am sitting here on my couch calming down from today. I had an intense morning! I tried a new cardio workout from Fitness Blender and wow I hate it. That means that it was good because it made my body have to work. I feel like you if hate a workout because it's too hard that is good. No it is amazing, because if you never push yourself you're never going to progress and that's why we workout right?! I mean we want to improve ourselves whether it is just to be healthier or you want a rounder butt or to be stronger or whatever your goal is. But we workout to be better. If I was perfectly content with how I am I wouldn't workout. Well now I am but if I stop working out my body will go back to the way it was, so nope.

After this morning I have decided that I need to do cardio more than I do now. Now I only do cardio once a week but I have decided to do it three times a week. That's a lot but when I decided to workout my butt and thighs I decided to start with three times a week. The first week it was hard like hell but the second week it was much easier. So that is what I have to do! I have to do it until I feel like I am going to die and the next time it will be so much easier.

Here is he cardio workout that I did this morning:

your writer, Erika


  1. Har veckans blogg på min blogg, vore kul om du ville delta :D
    Fortsatt ha en trevlig kväll!


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