Apartment Hunting

Hello darlings! So I told you yesterday that I was going to show you some apartments. I had the perfect one in mind but it has been sold! I mean how fun is it if I show you guys an amazing apartment thet you might fall in love with and maybe want to buy but you can't because it has been sold? Not so fun. I mean I link it in case you want to check it out anyway - click here.

So the apartment that I am going to show is absolut beauty! It was listed at 12 000 000kr but is now up at 13 400 000kr. So if you're intressted you better contact the real estate agent right now because I think that it's going to go very soon. Click here if you want to know more about the apartment or go to the showing on Sunday at 11AM.

Lagerlings Östermalm is my favorite real estet agency in right now. They have so many beautiful apartments around Östermalm. Check out their website for more beauties like the one above - http://www.lagerlings.se/.

your writer, Erika


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