Myths About Microwaves

Hello! So I have kind of always believed that microwaves are bad. They're bad for your food, they're bad for your health, and so on and so on. But apperently that's not true. It's just a big misconception that have given microwaves a bad reputation. So this afternoon I thought that I would clear some of those myths so that we all can live happily ever after with the truth. Isn't that amazing!

I think the biggest myths about microwaves is that they destroy all of the nutrion in your food when you heat it up. I have actully believed that this is true and not wanted a mircowave because of it. Now that I know that it's not true I still don't want a microwave because I don't need one but it doesn't make me afraid to use the microwaves at work to heat up my lunch. What is really the deal about this myth? How you cook your food with about how much you heat it up and not about how it's heated up. Water soluble vitamins like vitamin B and vitamin C is lost in the water when vegetables are cooked, but that also happenes both when they're cooked on the stove and when heated in the microwave. The only thing that happenes when you microwave your food is that the water in the food is heated up. Nothing else!

The second mynth that I want to address is that microwaves make your food radioactive. That is also bullshit! You can think about the microwaves as visible light that dissapears when the lamp is turned off. A microwave doesn't change your food more than conventional cooking does.

The third myth is that microwaves cause cancer. Guess again? Yeah, it's not true. As mentioned above microwaves are not radioactive! A microwave does not have enough energy to cause that type of damage to your body.

So now you know! You can now in good consience run to the nearest electronics store and buy yourself a microwave, because you're worth it ;)

your writer, Erika


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