A Good Morning Thank You

Whaat?! What is happening?! I have gotten a ton of new readers lately, like in just the last few days. Like what is happening? You have bno idea how much this means to me. Thank you so so so much. Wow, when I a couple of months ago decided to really focus on this blog I never thought that things would trun around so fast. I would like to say that this is all me but that is not true! The success of this blog will always be because of you my lovely readers - thank you! Hopefully we will get to do this together for many years to come! Wohoo lets go!

Yeah with that being said, right now I am at work. I have taken it upon myself to update a list of search words for all of the laywers. It is so when people call the receptionist office and ask to talk to a certain person or talk to someone about a specific thing my colleague and I will better know who to connect them with. It is not easy, that is why the serach words need to be updated. I am also trying to figure which fruit I am going to eat. It is so nice because every Monday we get fresh fruit delivered to the office. There is often a bucnh of fruit leftover on Fridays so I usally bring some home with me. It is so unneccsary to throw away perfectly good food. To me, I just think about how non environmental that is. Well well. I am using Matkalkyl.se (it is a Swedish wedsite, sorry to all of you non speaking Swedish people) to decide whether I should a eat a pear or a nectarine. But it really doesn't matter because they basiclly have the same amout of calories (Pear = 54 kcal, nectarine = 56kcal). The difference in how much nutrients is in the two differnt fruits is so small that you can choose whichever. But if you really want the one with a little bit more of everything, you should choose the nectarine.

Have a good day!

your writer, Erika


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