Hello! I have had such a busy day at work that I haven't had any time to even look at my blog. I just had so much to do. So much paper work. Working for a bunch of lawyers is not easy from time to time. It is so unpredictable - at least from my point of view - because you never know when it's going to be a lot to do. Like today I had a lot to do. It wasn't funny. I had a bunch of paperwork that needed to be done. The table infront of me wan't the right height for me. When I had to write all of the address on the envelopes my back started to hurt because I had to bend over the table. As if that wasn't enough my left shoulder is hurting. I don't if it's because I might have slept on it or if it's because of an old injure. When I was a kid I fell at the playground and hurt my shoulder. I had to wear this thing (don't know what it's called in english) for a few weeks until my shoulder healed. Maybe it's because of that or idk. But at least I could workout. Yoga eased the pain. Hopefully it will pass.

your writer, Erika


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