Justin Bieber

Okay, so I thought I should blog about the concert. Justin had two concerts in Stockholm and played for over 40 000 people each night. I went to the second show. Yes, I thought Justin was better when I saw him in LA four years ago, but that doesn't mean that he wasn't amazing. Justin have gotten a lot of crap for his shows here in Stockholm (he also got a really good review for the show I went to). But Justin Bieber is not more human than anyone else. Can you imagine yourself being under the pressure that he is 24/7? He has had this life for 10 years now. He has grown up infront of everyone's eyes. Every single mistake he has made has been displayed in every single newspaper and tabloid in the world. He has no privacy as us "regular" non-famous people do. He is like one of those fishes in the akvarium at the dentist office, always on display for everyone to see. Condseiring this or not he is still human and he is going to have his days when he's just not feeling it. Stop giving him crap for it! But if consider all of this he is handling it all very well. I bet you that you would crack within five minutes of living his life. He showed up, he did his job, and he was fucking amazing.

He is someone I have tremendous amount of respect for! I admire his hard work so much and it is so inspiring to see someone so young having so much success. I hope that I one day can be as successful as him.

One of many selfies I took inside that bathroom at Tele2Arena holding up the line :p

your writer, Erika


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