Food Inspiration

hello my darlings! How are you this morning? I am good. You know what? Every morning when I wake up I always think about what I am going to eat for dinner. I always eat the same thing for breakfast and for lunch I always have leftovers. So dinner is always on my mind. It is the meal where I get to be creative and do something new. I love cooking and I always have. The sad thing is the I live alone so I always cook for one and havíng dinner by yourself is not always as fun. What am I going to do? A girls' got to eat right? Sometimes I'm just so brain dead about what to cook for dinner. When I am cooking for other people I always havce a ton of ideas and I am way more cxreative because I want to impress them. In case you're like me and just don't know what to cook sometimes I am going to do post pictures of a few dishes that I am made. Hopefully it will inspire you to make something delicious for dinner tonight.

your writer, Erika


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