My Workout Routine

Hello again! So how does Erika work out? What do I do to attain the body that I have? For starters I workout every single day. I really don't do that much. On avarge I workout one hour per day. That's not much. It is really not about how long you workout it is more about what you do.

My workout routine is pretty simple and easy. I do yoga three times a week, I do 30 resp and five sets of situps and backlifts every single day, I powerwalk once a week (plus I walk druing my lunch) and I a butt and thigh routine three times a weeks. It's really not more than that. I always try to keep moving and eating healthy. It's not harder than that. At least for me, it is important to remember that every body is different and is going to react things differently.

This is the butt and thigh routine that I mostly do:
This is the yoga that I do:

How you you guys workout? What are your secrets?

your writer, Erika


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