Waiting for things that you've ordered online to arrive is very annoying! Or maybe it is just me being impatient about it. Are you also like this? I ordered new gym clothes from Zalando two days ago and I want them now. Hahaha. I am that kind of person that if I send you a text at 3:29 PM I except a reply by 3:28 PM. I kind of feel like that when I order things online too. I want them delivered right away. Because when you see an item in a store and you decide to buy it you get to take it home with you right away. But when you order something online you have to wait a few days. I would say that I am a pretty patient person otherwise but this is just annoying. Well I guess I will know if it has arrived today when I get home. Of course I will do a little photoshootwhen the package has arrived for you guys to show you what I've bought .

your writer, Erika


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