I Have Been Revolutionized

Goodmorning my little darlings! How are you today? I am good. You know what I have discovered something that has revolutionized me! I am dead serious here! I mean it. I have discovered nigth cream! Boys and girls, not just boys and girls everyone reading this need to try night cream.

Maybe you don't have the skin problems that I do. I have atopic eczema on my face and during the winter it gets worse. For two years now it has been really bad. A few years back when I first got it I used body lotion on my face because it was the only thing to keep my face form being completely dry. Then it stopped and I went back to my regular moisturizer. Two years ago when it started to get really bad I didn't know what to do at first. The skin around my left eye was so dry and red because it was irretated. As soon as I put lotion on it it calmed down. But that is no way to live, waking up looking like you've been sunburned. It doesn't feel nice either because when my face is that dry I can't move a single muscle. I mean of course I can but it just feels weird, you know, so I try not to. I remember that there was this guy that I liked and who I used to sleep over at a lot. Every morning when I went to the bathroom and saw my face I was horrified and was like HE CAN'T SEE ME LIKE THIS! It got so bad that I started using camex around my eye.

I eventually decided to be a big girl and go to the doctors office. That was the rudest doctor ever and was no help at all. He prescribed some cream that wasn't really any good so I bought a smiliar one that was off the counter and cheaper. I have been using it now for a year and a half (which I think my face has gotten addicted to because nothing else works... until now). I had some small samples of night cream at home that I decided to use and it worked on my face right away. My face is not dry anymore, but I do still some red spots on my face and for that I continue to use cortisone ointment. I love cortisone it is an amazing cream that is good for so many things. Today I am going to buy some night cream so that I have some at home (because I am out of samples).

your writer, Erika


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