Today's Outfit

Hello! This will be my second and last post of the day. After this I am going to lay in my bed and watch a movie. Thinking about renting Dirty Grandpa. I really want to see it because of Zac Efron but Patricia says it sucks. Still gonna watch it though. Anyways, I promised you that I was going to post pictures from my little "photoshoot". Look I am wearing jeans! I never wear jeans but I had to wash all of my other pants this morning because they were dirty and what I had left in my closet was jeans (which I otherwise never wear). Well I had the pants in my closet but not any matching shoes, so jeans it was. I kind of like this outfit though but that doesn't mean I will start wearing jeans in public or to work or just wearing jeans in general. Just not now anyway...

Oh, I tried this new cardio workout today since I didn't want to go outside. It's a video from FitnessBlender om youtube. Try it out for yourself -!

your writer, Erika


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