5 Ways To Start Working Out

Okay so working out may not be as easy for everyone. I mean we all live different lives and have different things going on. You may want to workout but don't know where so start or what to start with. I thought that I would compose a list of five things you can do that will make it so much easier for you to workout.

1. WORK YOUR WAY UP GRADUALLY. If you have never worked out before it kind of says itself that you shouldn't start with working out like an olympian. You are not going to be able to do it. For example if you've never worked out before and your goal is to run a marathon. Maybe you should start powerwalking and when that feels too easy you can start jogging and then running.

2. START WITH SOMETHING EASY. If you want to do yoga then maybe you shouldn't start with the most advanced yoga routine. Maybe start with meditation yoga. Or you can just go to youtube and search for "yoga for beginners" and there will be a bunch of great videos for you. That's how I find all of my workout videos - YOUTUBE! The thing is just that you have to ease your body into it and get it used to moving around. As soon as you feel one exercise being too easy you switch you to harder one. Just go to youtube and search for "beginners workout".

3. START SIMPLE. It's kind of the same as starting with something easy. If you've never worked out before maybe you won't be as motivated to work out every single day. Start with once a week, and the twice a week and so on and so on. As I said above it's all about easing your body into it.

4. SET A REALISTIC GOAL. For me my goal has always been to have a very flexible body so that is why I started stretching and then moved on to yoga. As I got more into it I started doing a yoga routine that was kind of advanced and didn't just challenge my body to be more flexible but also to build muscle. A few weeks ago I added a booty and thigh routine plus a back and ab routine to my workout schedule. I felt like I wanted a bigger and more round booty and a more flat tummy with abs. That is why I added it to my schedule, I was unhappy with something and wanted to change it.

5. DON'T FORGET TO EAT. What I kind of love about working out as much as I do is that get to eat kind of all of the time. If you want your workout to give you any kind of results you need to eat. Don't just eat whatever. You got to eat right, meaning healthy. You can still enjoy your occasional doughnut or ice-cream. But it's about getting your body the right nutrients so that it has the strength and energy to keep going and for it to actually build muscle.

your writer, Erika


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